Rabbi's Shabbos Message - Vayeira

A Mitzva requires thought

“On the third day, Avraham raised his eyes and perceived the place from afar” The  Ramban at the end of this week’s parsha (Bereishis 22:2) asks: why did Hashem, when commanding Avraham to sacrifice Yitzchok, order him to travel to a place three days away? Why could he have not simply have said, “Do it here and now”? After all, we see that everything that Avraham did was with zerizus (zealousness and speed), why make him wait it out for three days?

One of the answers the Ramban gives is that while it is true that Avraham would have done it immediately, Hashem wanted the three day delay for Avraham’s sake. He wanted Avraham to take the time to contemplate the mitzvah that he was to do.

Another answer is that we learn from here a better definition of zerizus. We usually think that doing a mitzvah with zerizus means, doing it with alacrity. However, there is also an issue of deeper thought as well. When we perform a mitzvah, quickly and without much thought, it’s as if we are trying to get it out of our way. Taking the time to contemplate the mitzvah, in no way contradicts the idea that we should do mitzvahs with alacrity and zealousness; rather it is an integral part of the definition of zerizus and should not be overlooked.

Have a great Shabbos!

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